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Used commonly for their immense strength, durability, and versatility, Iron steel bars are basically long, solid metal rods made up of iron, steel, and a mixture of various other metals. Designed efficiently by iron steel rod manufacturers, these rods are widely used in numerous sectors, especially in construction, manufacturing, etc. to attain several specified properties.

The manufacturing procedure of these rods is oriented to several procedures including the processing of iron ore, but it doesn’t start with this. The first step is the mining of the iron ore. The metal ore gets extracted from the earth usually from mines and large open pits. This ore consists of various iron oxides, along with impurities. 

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Iron Steel Bars Catalogue

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TMT Steel Bars
TMT bar
TMT bar

51.50 /Metric Ton

Spec: TMT bar

NRA TRADERS, chennai, Tamil Nadu

Saria TMT Bars
Saria TMT Bars

41.00 /Kilogram

Spec: Saria TMT Bars, Fe 500

Anand Sales Corporation, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Moyra steel
Tata tiscon
Tata tiscon

74.00 /Metric Ton

Spec: tata tiscon

NRA TRADERS, chennai, Tamil Nadu

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